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Managed Services across technologies GSM 2G/3G, VHF/ HF & Transmission.We offer a complete range of telecom services that include world-class passive Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Network Planning, Design and Operations & Maintenance services. Range of services Installation/Commissioning, upgrade/downgrade, migration, rerouting, surveying, optimization,Testing, Planning, Design, implementation, modification, O&M and Human Outsourcing Project based on work Location India.
Snapshot   Resource base:   Responsibility    
Understanding customer requirement
Installation Teams
Commissioning Teams
Operation Engineers
Fault Monitoring
Troubleshooting and Fault Localization
Fault Rectification
35 Installation Teams
25 Commissioning Teams
15 Operation Engineers
Installation Team
Shipment Inspection
Material Kitting
Site Installations (Mux)
Rack Installation
Rack Grounding
Equipment Installation
Equipment Grounding
Site Installations (Mw Indoor)
IDU Installation
E1 Termination
Site Installations (Mw Outdoor)
Antenna Installation
ODU Installation
ODU Grounding
Connectorisation / Routing / Earthing of IF cable
Aligning of HOP for desired Rx Levels
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